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Dark Worlds

November 15th, 2013


A long time ago I was taken by business associates to a very expensive, very exclusive nightclub in Paris. It was loud and flashy and full of smoke and I can’t remember a thing I ate, a single word of the conversation, or anything much of the interior details though overall the place was quite pretty. Someone pointed out one of France’s better-known porn starlets was seated across the room and later she danced a bit with her date. Mostly I remember her as being blonde; there was nothing at all memorable about her companion. I went home and haven’t really thought about that night since.  So in that way, it’s remarkably similar to the experience I had seeing Thor:  The Dark World



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November 4th, 2013

My Dearest Elysium:

Even with my limited experience in these matters I’m all but certain that is not how you reboot a space station.

Also I’d like to bring to your attention that a political system predicated on privileging whoever types fastest would have a massive impact on how Administrative Assistant Day is celebrated.  I very much hope we’ll see that reflected in the sequel.

In summary, go home, you’re drunk, much love to you and Matt, and the kids,


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