Mortis Operandi is now on sale

January 7th, 2013
by John Bowker

Mortis Operandi Cover

Harrow Press released Mortis Operandi, their new anthology of supernatural crime and detection just before Christmas so it got a bit lost in the holiday tumult. Now that things have calmed down, I’ve had a chance to look at my contributor copy and it’s a really sweet looking book. It contains my story “All the Many Ways We Burn” which involves Walpole prison, the six of spades, a phoenix, a defrocked priest and all the shanking, swearing, and flaming you’d expect from such. It was an odd story to place; thanks to editors Dru Pagliassotti and Kfir Luzzatto for giving it a home with such good company!

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  1. 'Nathan Burgoine Says:

    Just wanted to pass along that I’ve been wandering through the short stories in Mortis Operandi and doing wee brief reviews. Loved “All the Many Ways We Burn.” Such a great concept!


    (Review of your story here: )

  2. John Bowker Says:

    Heya Nathan:

    Thanks for the review! The book is still buried in my to-read pile waiting for a quiet weekend but I’d been following your Short Stories 365 postings and you’ve been getting me excited to dive in.

    I had *just* fixed the settings on this blog so folks could post without getting lost in a sea of faux-Gucci and dodgy pharmaceutical spam when your comment arrived. Your timing was perfect and made the effort seem worthwhile. 🙂


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